This page is designed to outline the paid services that we provide as an organization. Our services include Sponsored Posts, Social Media Promotion, Paid Advertisement and Affiliate Marketing.

Sponsored Posts

We are prepared to publish sponsored posts which can either be provided by yourself or written by one of our writers. If the report is written by yourself it must contain over 300 words, the required link and be written to an adequate standard. The report will then be published and shared via our social media platforms with an average potential reach of around 15,000. If you’re interested in paying for a sponsored post, please email either our main company email which is

Social Media Promotion

The Goalmouth Scramble, as quoted in our ‘About‘ page, is a follow on from George Bennett’s previous blog called GB Articles. The blog acquired a strong presence on social media, and currently have nearly 6,000 likes on Facebook and nearly 3,000 followers on Twitter. We also use other tools to promote our content, which averaged a potential reach of 15,000 people on GB Articles. We’ve maintained our social media presence during our one-month break, and offer Social Media Promotion which will be shared each day for a week to our followers on our social media platforms. For more information, please email either our main company email which is


Do you want to substantially expand your audience or reach? Well, The Goalmouth Scramble can offer you the opportunity to expose your company, organization or cause to a significantly large audience. GB Articles averaged over 10,000 views per day during the last two months of its existence, and a large majority of their page views came via social media, which is the platforms that will be used by The Goalmouth Scramble. If you’re interested in advertising with us, please contact George Bennett who is responsible for dealing with advertisement at and we’ll quote you a price depending on your requirements.

Affiliate Marketing

We’ve mentioned our large outreach in the previous sections above, and this could be perfect for a company aiming to sell football-related products. We’re open to hosting affiliate marketing partnerships on The Goalmouth Scramble, but your company, online store or organization must be either football-related or sports-related. If you’re interested in beginning an affiliate marketing partnership with us, please contact  George Bennett who is responsible for dealing with Affiliate Marketing at